They are placed inside the box with the product.

The amount and size of the sachets will be adapted to the type of fruit or vegetable, the weight per box, and the duration of transit.

Duration:  Depends on the application


MINISACHETS 0,25 g - 0,50 g

Minisachets used to reduce the level of ethylene and other volatiles very effectively and without the risk of contaminating fresh produce with its active ingredient. There are types with added Active Carbon for certain uses.
+ See Sachet

SACHETS 1 g - 1,7 g - 2,5 g

Sachets of ethylene used for fruit transport  or for transport in which a small amount of granules are required. There are types with added Active Carbon for certain uses.
+ See Sachet

SACHETS 5 g - 7 g - 9 g

Sachets of ethylene intended for long-distance transport of fruit or where a significant amount of granules are required. There are types with added Active Carbon for certain uses.
+ See Sachet

SACHETS 22 g - 38 g

Sachets of ethylene used to transport highly preserved fruit  or for use in fridges. There are types with added Active Carbon for certain uses.
+ See Sachet


Designed for applications that require a large amount of granules and moisture protection.

They are often used in the following applications:

  1. When it is not possible to place a sachet in each box. The covers can be placed on top of the pallets and quickly removed at the destination, if necessary.


  1. As a supplement for the container filters. Only two filters can be placed in the air intake of the container evaporator. If increased autonomy or a lower balance of ethylene emitted and eliminated is required, these covers are an ideal solution.


  1. Long-term preservation. Can be used for the long-term preservation of apples, pears, and other high-emission products. Our technical services, based on the duration of storage, the type of atmosphere (AC, ULO, Dynamic), weight per pallet or bin, type of fruit, etc., will design the perfect-sized cover for each application. Even distribution throughout the container, for example, one cover for every pallet or bin, is based on centralized filtration and is a major improvement over past solutions. The cost is extremely competitive compared to treatment with 1-MCP.



MFAC | Pallet Covers

Designed to cover pallets and supplement the transportation filters, as well as for applications that require a greater amount of granules.
+ See Covers

M P+S | Covers for Pineapples and Berries

Recommended for protecting pineapple and different berries, fruits with lower levels of emissions but a higher need for air filtration.
+ See Covers

M B+P | Covers for Bananas and Plantains

Recommended for protecting bananas and plantains without Banavac bags during transportation in which the product is exposed to the container’s atmosphere.
+ See Covers
Ethylene filtration

HIGH DENSITY | Covers for long-term preservation

Indicated for the long-term preservation of fruits like apple and pear that emit high levels of ethylene.
+ See Covers




Keepfresh covers. Covers designed for transporting tomatoes and a quick reaction time.
+ See Covers

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