Used in the post-harvest sector, the V-PACK M12 plastic module can be combined with any of our range of granules. Part of the module is assembled like Legos for a precise fit that reduces the need of adhesive solvents.

The advantage of using plastic modules is that the pressure drop is lower, because its V shape increases the air flow surface.

Other advantages include:

  • Easy to use: it only takes a minute to change the granules in the machine.
  • Due to its vibration filling system, the amount of granule is exactly the same throughout the entire section.
  • It is cleaner than the traditional system of filling by bulk or bags.
  • The handles are designed to be more rigid and can support the weight of the module if pulled or held by the handles.



Size. The module is delivered in boxes of 2 units, inside a protective bag with individual dimensions of: (length x width x height) = 298 x 296 x 296 mm.

They are designed to be placed side by side for a width of 61 cm (24″), and have a seal to prevent air from flowing between the two machines.

Volume: 30 liters/pair.

Material: 100% recyclable polystyrene.

Bed width: 75 mm.

Operating temperature: maximum 55ºC.

Relative humidity: 20-99%, depending on the granule used.

Color: Black

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