EF100 AS

The new proprietary filter has been designed to:

1. Have excellent aerodynamic properties that allow to increase the air flow that passes through it and, therefore, obtain a more efficient reduction of air pollutants.

2. Be more environmentally friendly because it generates less waste.

Simulation of air passage simulation

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• Its innovative mesh design forces the air towards inside the filter. 60% more clean air-flow.

• Its improved media filling density reduces the By-pass effect and helps to increase the air flow through the filter.

• It incorporates less plastic elements and it is made of recycled plastic, which generates less waste and is more environmentally friendly.

Simulation of C2H4 reduction

Benefits Filter EF100 AS

Benefits for the fresh product
High absorption capacity (3-4 litres C2H4/kg) without risk of leaking.

• Formulations with and without activated carbon in function of the type of produce.

Minimal amount of dust due to the formulation and the system of double sieving of GK media.

Greater air flow and higher velocity of reaction of the media,  which allows to reduce the level of ethylene in the containe more than other products.

8 different formats to cover the different absorption needs of the different produce.

Benefits for the assembler
Easier assembly because it incorporates the bridles in the plug: It is not necessary to blend plastic bridles that resist passing between the holes of the grids.The bridles are already performed with a soft curvature.The bridle anchorage allows the cord to enter from four different positions.

• The EF50 format optionally includes a double-sided adhesive that allows to place the filter efficiently in trucks with ventilation systems by sleeves (without perforated guides) in which it is very difficult to find a fastening system.

Greater safety of assembly by the system of fixation of the plug with double staple.

Quality Control
Quality analysis (absorption capacity and moisture) for each batch of media.

Traceability system by product batch.

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