GKZ4 GRANULE- Zeolite Granules

The GreenKeeper GKZ4 granule is a classic granule. It is one of the first designs ever used for ethylene removal, although its production process is far from simple..

This granulate is particularly necessary in applications that require high efficiency and low dust levels. A small particle size ranging from 0.6 to 1.5 mm creates a large surface area that allows air to circulate freely, because there is no dust blocking the space between the granules. The particle size is similar to the filters used in gas masks.

At GreenKeeper we use this granulate for Tyveck sachets and Keepfresh filter covers. Both are applications that require a quick reaction speed without the dust that can block air flow.

Its relatively low capacity is compensated by its high density, which is 22% -23% higher than the pellets.


You can choose the granules that best fit your needs:



Powder – Cutting-edge powder with maximum capacity and speed for high-density Tyvek sachets and covers
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Pellets for modules, replacements, transport filters and panel filters.
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