GK3 / GK4 GRANULES - Pellets

This range consists of the following references:

  • Granules with over 3 liters of ethylene absorption capacity per kilogram of GreenKeeper: GK3/2, GK3/3 and GK3/4.
  • Granules with over 4 liters of ethylene absorption capacity per kilogram of GreenKeeper: GK4/2, GK4/3 and GK4/4.


The 2 mm granule is designed for static applications (sachets), its larger surface area making it work much faster.


The 3 and 4 mm granules, with low pressure drop, are designed for dynamic applications in which a fan forces air to flow through the granules. They are available in mesh with a low pressure drop for use in any of the machines on the market. They can also be used to refill modules, replacements, transport filters, and panel filters.


You can choose the granules that best fit your needs:



Powder – Cutting-edge powder with maximum capacity and speed for high-density Tyvek sachets and covers.


Zeolite granules for Tyvek Sachets and Keepfresh filter covers, in applications that require a quick reaction rate without blocking the air flow.

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