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The invention of GreenKeeper can be traced back to 1986 and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Excellent early results were obtained in the horticultural and post-harvest preservation sectors.

Numerous scientific studies conducted at several research universities endorse Greenkeeper’s results.

However, experience teaches us that our best test fields are those at our customers’ facilities around the world as well as the use of GreenKeeper in trucks and containers that transport fruits and vegetables.

The company launched a new stage in 2012 with the opening of a new manufacturing plant near Madrid, the foundation for what today is GreenKeeper.

The incorporation of modern production machinery, the launch of our R&D research laboratory, and the incorporation of several doctors and engineers resulted in our definitive growth from 2014.

Growth has been rapid and consolidated ever since, GreenKeeper quickly making a name for itself as a world leader in ethylene elimination and post-harvest conservation.

Our work at our Commercial Offices in Madrid and our Technological Innovation Center in Barcelona focuses on meeting the needs of our customers and developing new formats and safe and effective products.

We are your technological partner in post-harvest protection.

What is GreenKeeper?


GreenKeeper is a combination of granules that can naturally create a modified atmosphere with extremely low levels of ethylene and other volatiles, designed to prolong the preservation of fruits and vegetables and considerably extend their shelf life.

Our studies and tests demonstrate that GreenKeeper eliminates a significant part of the organic gases released by fruits and vegetables, as well as the odors produced by these gases.

Having a modified and clean atmosphere prevents the molds, fungus, yeast, and bacteria that may affect fruits and vegetables from forming. More specifically, fungal diseases like Anthracnose, Penicillium and Botrytis, and bacteria like Pseudomonas, require gaseous signals to develop. Eliminating these gases greatly reduces fungal and bacterial development.

The elimination of the ethylene produced by fruits and vegetables that accumulates inside closed cold stores naturally increases their maximum storage potential, prevents premature ripening, and keeps perishables fresher longer.

How does GreenKeeper work?


granulados para la eliminación de etileno
GreenKeeper is made from a highly porous mineral material (phyllosilicate and aluminosilicate) and potassium permanganate, a highly oxidizing agent. This composition makes it possible to create a range of granules which, when placed in different types of filters, replacements, and sachets, harness the circulation of the air in the cold store for a physical and chemical double-absorption effect that eliminates contaminating gases, especially ethylene.

The role of the mineral is to serve as a support for the potassium permanganate, increasing its contact surface with the air.

Potassium permanganate promotes the oxidation of a large number of volatile organic compounds, always within the different formats available, without altering the organoleptic properties of fruits and vegetables. It is a natural way to preserve food and is also suitable for organic agriculture.

This clean atmosphere reduces the degenerative metabolism of fruits and vegetables as well as the release of gases, thus prolonging freshness and shelf life.


General Certificate of Conformity

Our products comply with the regulation in force regarding food contact in Europe (EC450/2009) and the USA.

Health Registry

Department of Health and Social Policy of Castilla-La Mancha

Ecological Agriculture

Pursuant to the European regulation CE 834/2007 and the American regulation NOP (National Organic Program). Spanish CAAE Norm of Inspection and Evaluation of Consumable Goods (PGT-01/IN).

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